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Tet Tea Factory is a licensed Black CTC Tea Manufacturer and Exporter in Kenya. Tet Tea factory is situated in a tea-rich region of Bomet County at Kapkilaibei Market – Kimulot.

The factory sits in an area with rich alluvial, mountain and laterite soils rich in essential minerals. It is situated south west of the Mau catchment area at an altitude of 1900M above sea level

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Tet Tea factory was commissioned as a one line factory on 18th February 2021. It was upgraded to 2 lines in December 2022 with a daily capacity to process 110 T of green leaf per day, translating to 30,000T of green leaf annually.

Our selling mark LAIBEI has made a mark at the auction and continues to improve on quality of made tea.

We have an extensive knowledge and experience in tea collection, field extension services, production, manufacturing, and Tea trade both locally and internationally.

Currently our tea catchment areas are spread through the following regions;


Chebangang, Konoin, Embomos, Koiwa, Mogogosiek, Kapkoros, Ndaraweta Belgut,, Bureti, and Ainamoi. 

Tet Tea Factory is part of a larger group that houses a number of factories in Kenya.